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E-mail Marketing Service

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E-mail Marketing Service

If you’re one of those people that think e-mail marketing is an old-fashioned marketing method, we’re here to prove you wrong! Some of the best audience-managing strategies include a good newsletter and inspiring true connection via e-mail. But, of course, there’s a right way to do everything, and this topic is no excuse.

If you want to ensure that your message is received well (no pun intended), let us work with you on your marketing strategy. A good e-mail can be quite personal, touching, and full of great resources. This will surely spark some connections and create a bridge of trust between you and your audience.

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Inspire True Connection

Choose the right software. To begin with, e-mail marketing heavily relies on the appropriate software. We’ll help you set up the whole system by choosing the right e-mail service provider, creating the right templates, and ensuring that your audience receives your e-mails at the right time.

Make sure you don’t end up in spam. There’s much more to e-mail marketing than just sending the e-mail and hoping for feedback. You have to work on the quality of your work, the appropriate network settings, and many other things if you want to be a priority in your client’s inbox.

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Why Choose Us?

Stay true to your visuals. One should never compromise their brand’s visual identity, especially when it comes to creating a website


We provide mentorship and application

When we work with our clients, we must educate them along the way. We’ll never just stand on the side and listen to your ideas without pitching in and letting you know what your options are. If you decide that you want your ideas to be a priority, though, we’ll do that.


Let’s follow your lead

Our team at EFORTIS wants to make sure that you receive exactly what you ask for, which is why we insist on proper communication and properly discussing the wanted result. Sometimes, we might give you advice or suggest some additional work, but we’ll do the work the way you want us to.


Make sure you’re straightforward with us

E-mail marketing is quite a diverse topic, which is why we need to know a lot about you and your brand’s vision. If you could share those with us and let us know what’s the plan for your business is, we’ll be able to create a head start for all of your future projects and endeavors.

Provide value through a strategy

Of course, the content of the e-mail is very important. A good e-mail provides value, ensures that your clients feel the connection, and invites them to reach out when they finish reading. This type of interaction cannot be replaced, and it’s a fantastic way to convert a viewer to a buyer.

Use the right tools. Do you know how important it is to check on the small details? The grammar? The picture quality? The broken links? The design? We know! Customers do care about the small stuff, especially if they’re eyeing many different companies and their products - the smallest stuff could make you their go-to choice.

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