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At EFORTIS, we have always thought of design and web development as being so much more than just the way something looks and works. It is the whole thing and the way how actually something works on so many different levels. Ultimately, of course, innovation and creativity define so much of our online experience. We believe that there is a profound and enduring beauty in simplicity, clarity and efficiency.

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Blockchain in Croatian Tourism

Crypto-Friendly Smart Tourism

The tourism industry has been changing rapidly since the Internet has enabled customers to search for and book their travel products online. As a result, many companies such as Airbnb and Uber are moving away from traditional business models and toward consumer-to-consumer models. In order to satisfy customers needs, the tourism industry has had to combine money, technology and knowledge to build new and innovative platforms.

Our project CroatiaTrip is the most recent innovations between blockchain and the tourism industry. The platform connect numerous hotels, restaurants, clubs and tourist agencies to their potential customer base. These smart contracts offer a more efficient, customisable and secure interface for dealings between customers and vendors.

Maxi CRM - Cloud CRM Solution

Flexible Cloud CRM Solution

Cloud-based CRM (or cloud CRM) means that a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is hosted in the cloud. Cloud-based CRM software can be accessed through the Internet, making it easy for all users to access the same information at any time. And as information is stored in the cloud, you and your team can also view customer information on the go by accessing the CRM data through mobile or on your tablet.
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SEO High Level Strategy

SEO is an investment into your company’s future as organic traffic has a much higher ROI than paid search traffic.

We offer more than just web development.
We offer extensive support within the lines of code, pixels and strategies!

Our approach to Web design and marketing approach is based on case studies and real-life success stories. We eliminate the guesswork entirely from the process. This means you can relax and enjoy how ideas turn effortlessly into magnificent web and mobile projects.

Web & Graphic Design

Responsive Websites • Custom Themes and Controls • Smart logo or brand designs

Web & Mobile Apps

Front-end & Back-end development • Custom applications based on HTML5 / CSS3 / Bootstrap / AJAX / jQuery

E-commerce Solutions

Online store setup • Payment gateway solution • Store theme customization

Internet Marketing

SEO • Social media marketing • Email Marketing • Google campaigns

EFORTIS Digital Agency | Development & Marketing

Why You Should Pick Us?

While we value each client, our focus is always on its end users or customers, requirements, and budget. This drives our professionalism to achieve the goal of not only client satisfaction but customer loyalty.


We differ by learning where others have failed. We aim to bring order to complexity.


Our team is rich in terms of Web development, Design, Business and Marketing Strategies solutions.


All our solutions are based on the identified strengths and opportunities for your brand. At the same time, we always prepare for weaknesses and threats to maximize ROI and further progress.


We won 2nd place in the development of mobile and web application that will respond to community service challenge to
policyholders of Croatian Health Insurance Fund.

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