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WordPress Speed Optimization

Make Sure Your Visitors Feel Welcomed

WordPress Speed Optimization

If you have a WordPress website, you know how much work goes into its maintenance. Even if it works, it might not be fully functional. For example, if your website takes forever to load, most of your customers will leave. People don’t have the patience to wait unless they’re absolutely sure the content they’re getting is top quality - and how would your new visitors know?

Having a slow WordPress website is a major problem, and it definitely affects your business stats. That’s why, to increase your sales, you have to work through technical issues first. Make sure your message is received well - this does wonders to your monthly income.

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Make Sure Your Visitors Feel Welcomed

Remove glitches and increase speed. Glitches look weird, and they’re not enjoyable for anyone. Not only does removing these glitches make your website quicker and more efficient, but it also removes any unwanted visual effects. We think simplicity is often the best policy, and making sure your visitors direct their attention towards the important things is your primary concern.

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Stay true to your visuals. One should never compromise their brand’s visual identity, especially when it comes to creating a website


Customers come first

We care about our customers, and we want them to know that they’re our top priority. That’s why we always provide premium service, and we’re here for any additional questions, inquiries, or suggestions. If it’s not perfect, we don’t want it.


Proper communication is a must

We do our jobs efficiently, but these “jobs” also include lots of communication via phone or email in most cases. That’s why we want to minimize the time we spend writing and answering your questions - direct, open, sincere communication is a top value for us. Of course, when you need us, we’re here, but we won’t be spamming you with questions every few days.


We advise, but we don’t insist

When it comes to optimization, there are often several routes to take. Sometimes, you can sacrifice a certain feature for more speed, and vice versa. We’ll always give you options if you want them, and we’ll advise you on what you might want to do. However, we want you to be the one that makes the final choice.

Use only the resources you need

Sometimes, our websites become slow, and they take forever to load because they’re intertwined with many different resource libraries, plugins, widgets, and more. If you remove the unnecessary widgets and include custom ones, you can detach from outside resources and make your brand more authentic.

Encourage people to stay on your website. As we already mentioned, if you have a slow website, most people won’t give you the benefit of the doubt - if it’s not loading quickly, they’re leaving. This is very detrimental to your business because you’re losing customers, and you’re losing viewers that could boost your popularity as well.

Make sure you look like a professional

Imagine this - you need a certain car part, and you head online to see which local store might sell what you need. You notice that a particular website has the product in their meta-information on Google, which means they sell it, but it takes forever to load when you click on the website. Even if you wait for the initial loading screen to appear, what are the chances you’re going to wait like that for every single page?

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