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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Boost your traffic by creating paid ads or using PPC advertising

PPC Advertising

Even if you work on your website and content very hard, the devotion sometimes simply doesn’t come through. At the beginning of your online career, it’s a good practice to boost your traffic by creating paid ads or using PPC advertising. After you gain an initial audience, growing and spreading the word isn’t as tough - but the very start can be oh so painful!

Suppose you don’t know what PPC (pay-per-click) is. In that case, it’s essentially an advertising model that helps you increase traffic to your website by paying a larger business (a blog, a portal, etc.) for each click you gain through the ad you’ve put up on their website (a banner, usually). If you want to increase traffic and sales, it’s essential to create a community - let us show you how.

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Create A Community

Find the right websites. You shouldn’t go around searching for the first website that allows you to put an ad of yours on their sidebar - that’s just bad practice. Instead, finding your niche and determining your target audience helps because you’ll be able to detect what other portals your audience reads. We’ll help you and rely on our knowledge of SEO and web searching tools.

Negotiating is the right way to go. It’s very important to remain professional yet push the conversation in the right direction. You need to know the value of your content, especially if your website’s already loaded with great knowledge. As professionals who have been in the industry for a while, we know how to approach these tricky situations.

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Why Choose Us?

Stay true to your visuals. One should never compromise their brand’s visual identity, especially when it comes to creating a website


Both-sided, sincere communication is a must

To save time and energy, we suggest that all communication between you and us remains sincere and straightforward. Tell us what you want, we’ll tell you if it’s possible. Our team at EFORTIS feels like communication is the key to a good collaboration, which is why we often ask for details - don’t worry, we don’t spam, though.


Make sure you’re being professional

We’ve worked with so many clients that we’ve already encountered all possible mistakes and bad scenarios. This gives us the ability to provide you with a head start and make sure that you remain professional through the whole process. Integrity is just as important as success.


Let’s create the business of YOUR dreams

You’re the leader in this project, although we might be doing all of the work. We want to know the details about your vision of our collaboration, and then we provide. Although we might also give advice now and then, we’ll always let you have the final say.

Create eye-catching ads

The worst thing that could happen is the scenario where you pay for the ad space, but you create a banner that simply doesn’t catch anyone’s attention. If you truly want to use the opportunity best you can, you’ll need some proper design - paying special attention to margins, fonts, animations, and colors is very important.

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Direct your visitors in the right direction. In the end, if your new visitors truly do arrive at your website, you need to direct them properly and let them know what’s the best way to educate themselves via your blog posts, interact with you via your social media, and, of course - buy your products. A proper website design does a great job at doing all of these things, so optimize your web before you pay for an ad.

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