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WordPress Malware Removal Service

Give Yourself And Your Buyers A Peace Of Mind

WordPress Malware Removal Service

As if building, maintaining, and upgrading a website isn’t tough enough, business owners now have to worry about their platforms’ safety. If you own a website hosted on WordPress, you have to be aware of the possible risks that one might run into. Likewise, if you’re keen on using various outside resources, there’s always a chance of malware getting into your system.

Malware can create all sorts of trouble - not only can it create glitches and crashes, but you’re also risking your private information and the information of your customers. This can be especially dangerous for those with an online webshop and those using online payment authorizations.

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Give Yourself And Your Buyers A Peace Of Mind

Make sure your buyers feel comfortable buying from you. Would you ever buy in a store that looks like they might leak your information somewhere else? Of course not! Even if you’re not doing it on purpose, you might be creating distrust between you and your customers, which is why having a solid security system goes a long way.

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Stay true to your visuals. One should never compromise their brand’s visual identity, especially when it comes to creating a website


We’re thorough and proud of it

In situations like these, details are truly what matters. We are proud of the depth and the complexity of the algorithms we apply to solve malware issues. Not only are we working on removing your current issues, but we also want to help you avoid any future problems.


Communication is very important to us

Of course, we want to dedicate extra attention to those things you find relevant, but we need to know what these are. That’s why we always communicate sincerely and include details - if you let us know exactly how, when and why you want something, we’ll be able to deliver a lot better.


Do you have a time limit?

Let us know. Problems related to cyber security always require special care, and sometimes these things tend to be urgent. If you’re in a rush, and we must set your page up in a short time, we’ll do our best to help you with that. Don’t worry - there’s no place for panic. Almost all issues we’ve encountered are completely reversible.

Ensure you never lose track of orders and information

Not only are you running into the risk of sharing unwanted info, but you’re also risking losing your information. What if you lose track of all the orders that have been made? What if you lose the information provided by your buyers related to your orders? How are you going to get those back?

What if your website just shuts down one day? It’s not uncommon for websites to run into major issues due to lots of malware and security breaches. This is why having a proper backup and making sure that your website is well-protected makes a huge difference. Find someone you trust and make sure to patch all the bugs.

Get a professional to help

Many think that looking up malware fixes on Google fixes their problems - can’t be that tough, can it? Well, we assure you, the people who have created these security breaches know better than Google. So don’t waste your precious time on something you won’t be able to fix fully - we’ll do it for you!

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